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what is type x gypsum wall board

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Type X drywall; Type X drywall has been made of a fire-resistive gypsum core and unlike the other types of drywalls this one is a bit hard to cut and install. Type X drywall is mostly found in apartment buildings and garages.

The Difference between Type X and C Drywall

Type X drywall is 5/8 inches thick and the first fire code product. It contains gypsum with noncombustible glass fibers which increase the fire rating 1 hour minimum. Please note that there is a type X Shaftliner drywall type with even greater fire rating qualities but this one is installed in shaft walls stairwell enclosures and area separation firewalls.

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Type X drywall has glass fibers mixed into the gypsum to increase its resistance to fire. It is not fireproof but most Type X drywall has a one-hour fire rating. Type X drywall is hung just like regular drywall and is usually required by building codes for the shared wall between the house and an attached garage. This thicker drywall costs

Everything You Need to Know about Gypsum Boards

Gypsum boards are often called drywall wallboard or plasterboard. Owing to their non-combustible core and paper facers they differ from other panel-type sheds road and building products such as plywood hardboard and fiberboard. When their joints and fastener heads are covered with a joint compound system gypsum wallboard creates a continuous surface suitable for a variety of interior

What is Type X Gybsum Board? - AWCI

for this new extra fire-resistant gypsum wallboard. The ASTM Standard C 36 includes the definition of a product designated as “type X” gypsum wall-board. It reads: “Type X Special Fire-Retardant designates gypsum wall-board complying with this specifi ion that provides at least one-hour fire retardant rating for boards 5/8" 16 mm

Fire Safety Information 5/8& 39; Type X Gypsum Wallboard English

Type X gypsum wallboard 5/8" in thickness "5/8" type X wallboard" is manufactured for use as one component of an assembly/system such as a wall where a fire resistance rating is required in a residential commercial or other structure by an applicable building code. 5/8" type X wallboard is required to be manufactured in accordance

What is Gypsum Wallboard? with pictures

Various types of gypsum wallboard include features like paper which has been treated to resist water and mold or gypsum plaster which has been blended with glass fibers to increase fire resistance to make Type X gypsum wallboard. Many construction suppliers sell gypsum wallboard in bulk and by the sheet for various appli ions.

Fireproof Drywall - Basics of Fire-Rated Type X Drywall

Type X drywall is 5/8 inches thick. In addition to the usual gypsum found in regular drywall fire-rated drywall contains glass fibers to form a super-tough core. The gypsum and fiberglass are packed tighter and denser than with regular drywall.

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Both regular and Type X gypsum board are covered under the ASTM C 1396 gypsum board standard specifi ion. Regular drywall has naturally occurring fire resistance due to the presence of gypsum in the core but is not fire rated. Type X drywall has special core additives that allow it to be used in fire rated designs and usually comes in 5/8” thickness.

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Exterior gypsum sheathing is available with a fire-rated Type X core which is described in the Fire-rated Products section below. Abuse and Impact Resistant Drywall Abuse- and impact-resistant drywall products are excellent choices for lo ions with a high traffic load such as stairways hallways lobbies hospitals schools etc. where the potential exists for objects to scrape or poke wall

Type-X gypsum wallboard Article about type-X gypsum

Looking for type-X gypsum wallboard? Find out information about type-X gypsum wallboard. A gypsum wall-board which is especially manufactured to provide specific fire-resistant characteristics. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Architecture and Explanation of type-X gypsum wallboard

Type X Fire Resistant Drywall - CertainTeed

CertainTeed Type X fire resistant drywall is an interior gypsum board consisting of a solid set fire resistive Type X gypsum core enclosed in ivory-colored face paper and a strong liner back paper. CertainTeed Type X board features a specially formulated core providing fire resistance ratings when used in tested assemblies.

Are You Confusing Type X and Type C Panels? Know the

Type C is an industry phrase to designate enhanced gypsum panels that exceed the requirements for Type X gypsum board in ASTM C1396. Type C panels typically have a shrinkage-compensating additive and when exposed to heat the Type C gypsum board expands providing more fire-resistance at joints and seams. You may have heard of the term “Swelling” to describe this. For other gypsum boards

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Gypsum board also known as drywall or wallboard is a type of sheathing used for interior walls and ceilings. Since the mid-1940s it has been the primary wall construction in most houses. Vertical wooden pieces frame a room providing support for the sheets of wallboard. These sheets are connected to the framing by either screws or nails and seamed together using a special drywall compound

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